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Rafał Sangowski Law Firm Od 20 lat prawo ubezpieczeń i odszkodowania 20 lat doświadczenia w obronie dobra klienta Rzetelność, efektywność, specjalizacja Nieszablonowy sposób działania



For over 20 years we’ve focused our work around insurance and compensation issues. As professionals in the insurance field, we want to find the best possible solution, to fully meet our clients expectations. We offer unconventional way of claiming compensation. Our priority is to obtain the highest possible compensation, that is why we do not aim in reaching settlement quickly.

Unconventional way (of acting) – what does it really mean?

We represent our clients from the moment they entrust us their case until its completion. We are experienced in handling cases concerning compensation claims on every stage. We cooperate with the best specialists of each field, including experts or attorneys. Each case is treated comprehensively.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience in providing legal services for insurance companies both on the damage liquidation and the court proceedings stages, as well as in drafting policy conditions and legal opinions, or negotiating and evaluating insurance contracts. We also provide legal services for brokers and insurance agents. With such a comprehensive professional practice we know the nature of the industry branch perfectly, which allows us to take advantage of all possible solutions.

It is in the victim’s best interest to immediately take steps to obtain compensation, which is why we encourage you to contact our law firm as soon as possible.

We provide assistance in claiming the compensation in the following areas: