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Rafał Sangowski Law Firm Od 20 lat prawo ubezpieczeń i odszkodowania 20 lat doświadczenia w obronie dobra klienta Rzetelność, efektywność, specjalizacja Nieszablonowy sposób działania


One of our main domains is broadly defined civil law. We offer legal advice in following matters:

  • Contract law, including negotiating, preparing and reviewing civil law agreements, handling claims for compensation for damages resulting from contract non-performance or improper performance or from a tort,
  • Property law, including litigation concerning the acquisition of property rights, its protection, partition, writing a mortgage, establishing a registered pledge land and mortgage register
  • Inheritance law - advising and handling cases from the whole inheritance law, including proceedings of ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance, division of the estate and legitime,
  • Tourism law – claiming compensation in case of the travel agency’s bankruptcy, improper performance of the contract, financial compensation for spoiled vacation, delayed or cancelled flight,