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Rafał Sangowski Law Firm Od 20 lat prawo ubezpieczeń i odszkodowania 20 lat doświadczenia w obronie dobra klienta Rzetelność, efektywność, specjalizacja Nieszablonowy sposób działania

Rafał Sangowski Law Firm


Rafał Sangowski Law Firm is located in the centre of Poznan. For 20 years we’ve advised and provided professional legal assistance to individuals and businesses. In our professional practice we focus mainly on the compensation and insurance law. These issues have been the subject of profound analysis and one of the main interests of our lawyers since the beginning of the firm’ work.

The legal counsel Rafał Sangowski specializes in obtaining compensation for damages resulting from traffic accidents. In his career he has helped many individual clients to receive high compensation, which is the main success of our law firm. At the same time we do our best to represent our clients as efficiently as possible. We offer our clients comprehensive service, which is why we cooperate with professional team of experts, doctors and lawyers.


Our law firm can help you with:

  • insurance law, particularly compensations (compensation for the personal injuries, damages to property, in agriculture, medical injuries, accidents at work)
  • civil law
  • legal services for the business entities

Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of legal services for individual clients and entrepreneurs. We believe that the profound recognition and understanding of clients needs is the basis of good cooperation. We approach each case individually and actively search for the satisfactory solution. Our relationships with clients are based mostly on trust and loyalty. We inform our clients about the possible risk, consequences and results, that is why they can feel safe with us.

The RELIABILITY, EFFICIENCY and EXPERTISE are our priorities, while united and committed team allows to achieve it.

We cooperate with other law firms throughout Poland and Germany to respond to our clients’ needs.