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Rafał Sangowski Law Firm Od 20 lat prawo ubezpieczeń i odszkodowania 20 lat doświadczenia w obronie dobra klienta Rzetelność, efektywność, specjalizacja Nieszablonowy sposób działania

Car rental agencies and car repair shops

Our law firm offers legal assistance to entrepreneurs running car rental agencies and car repair shops. Our lawyers provide legal advice in receiving compensation for car repair and refunding the cost of renting the replacement car, in pre-trial stage and in the litigation.

We offer our clients comprehensive legal assistance in obtaining full costs related to the repair of damaged cars in cashless system and renting replacement vehicle for the time of the repair. Our law firm offers assistance in preparing all the required documents on the pre-trial stage, as well as contracts and other declarations needed by the car rental agencies and car repair shops to lay claims in court. Our lawyers are in constant contact with the client providing highest quality of legal services meeting the needs of each client individually.