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Rafał Sangowski Law Firm Od 20 lat prawo ubezpieczeń i odszkodowania 20 lat doświadczenia w obronie dobra klienta Rzetelność, efektywność, specjalizacja Nieszablonowy sposób działania

Medical injury and medical malpractice

In case of suffering health disorder or personal injury due to a diagnostic error (when a disease or injury was wrongly diagnosed or not diagnosed at all), therapeutic error (when the incorrect or no treatment at all was implemented), wrong prognosis, hospital’s organizational error and other medical errors, hospital infections as well as for damages suffered before birth we offer help in obtaining:

  • financial compensation for pain and suffering
  • compensation for the costs of treatment and rehabilitation equipment
  • compensation for the costs of travelling to the doctor
  • compensation for lost wages
  • pension for the loss of ability to work
  • pension due to increased needs